Friday, January 19, 2018

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #119

Welcome to another 
Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage!
Each week I share ways I've saved money, my thrifty and frugal projects, and my blessings from God. 

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage
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  Another week has passed. Where did it go? I spent a fair bit of it going back and forth to radiation treatments. I'm settling into a routine that I will follow over the next six weeks. I'll be leaving the house a bit before 9:00 each morning. It seems like the whole process will take about an hour and a half to two hours to go and return home again. Ah well. Time invested with the hope of years of happy return.

  Well, enough for now—on to my blessings and a bit of our thrifty life.

"Commit your works to the LORD,
And your thoughts will be established."
Proverbs 16:3
Here's my thrifty week!

Lots of Real Estate Investment this week!
    • My husband bought tickets to see The Greatest Showman with our AAA membership. He saved $4 per ticket for five of us. $20 savings.  It was a terrific movie!
    • I took a box of books to give away at the homeschool co-op. Half were taken.  
    • Someone anonymously gave me $100! That's $500 of the $535 we paid for our washer. God is so amazing! I feel so blessed. The $100 will go into our emergency fund. Thank you anonymous! What a blessing!
    • My son slid off the road on the first icy/snowy day Sunday morning. He had to be pulled out of the ditch. No harm to son or truck thank you LORD! Our AAA membership has really paid off!
    • Real Estate Investment ~ My Lowell and I worked in our basement Monday night (trash carryout night) and filled two 30 gallon trash bags and a white 13 gallon trash bag with old papers and miscellaneous junk to toss. Praise God! Forward progress! That will have to keep me satisfied for awhile, because I'm going to be slowing down now that radiation is begun.
    • We are heating primarily with our wood stove. My husband was able to purchase seasoned wood early in the Fall. Occasionally, I will turn the radiators up to 70 degrees for a half an hour to warm the house and take the chill off. The radiators keep radiating heat even after I turn the heat back down to 65. I'm just a bit of a wimp this year with the cold. I don't know if it's my treatments or what, but I am bothered more by it this year. I'm still too cheap to keep it truly warm in the house though!
    • My daughter, Amy, asked me if I had any fabric I don't want. She's making a rag rug. We went through two small totes of fabric and some fabric squares I was given. We found several pieces for Amy, and two lengths of fabric that I've held onto for awhile, but have decided not to use. Amy decided that the yards should be given away since they were enough to make a dress or something big. I was energized by making these decisions to give, and so we continued on through the bottom of my hall closet and found other things to give away and a few things to toss. So, I took a small box of fabric, an organizer box, a book, and some embroidery floss to the homeschool co-op. Sure enough, other moms took it home. I now have some space in the bottom of the closet as my reward, and Amy has some fabric for projects, too. It helped so much having her there to help me let go of things. It's empowering to give things away!

    That's my thrifty week.

    What are you doing in your home this week?


    May you find peace and joy this week 
    regardless of  your situation.

    ...doing what I can with what I've got
    where I am on a short shoestring budget!



    Tuesday, January 16, 2018

    My First Radiation Treatment Report

    I made it through my first radiation treatment Tuesday morning! I felt like I was in a Star Trek movie with the strange machine and sounds. It's definitely space age! I prayed and worshiped as I drove to the Radiology Oncology Center. 

    When I lay down on the table, and they positioned me in the molded form, an old song came to mind. "Thou oh LORD art a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head." I've been praying He would be my shield. I've prayed that He will shield my heart, my lungs, my good cells, my skin, my lymph nodes, and so on. I'm praying that only cancer cells and any meany cells will be destroyed.


    I just lay there in that mold being still for maybe 15 or 20 minutes while they got ready and did the treatment. I whispered "Jesus" a couple times, then sang the song in my head every time they told me to hold my breath while they zapped me. God got me through. 

    I wonder if this will make me more radiant? I'm tired tonight from the emotion of it all, and sore from holding my arms over my head, but otherwise I am fine. 

    I'll have treatments every weekday morning until March 2nd now. 

    Thank you for praying! 


    P.S. Yes, I will be going to bed earlier tomorrow night!

    Monday, January 15, 2018

    Happy Homemaker Monday ~ January 15, 2018

    As I write ...  late Sunday night

    The weather.... snowy and cold! Hurrah! Y'all know I love snow. We haven't had a good snow in a few years.

    Right now I am... eating orange sherbet ice cream. Yum!

    Thinking... I'm thinking about my upcoming radiation therapy. I'll begin Tuesday afternoon. It will be five days a week for seven weeks. The treatments are short, but it's about thirty miles round trip. 

    A quote to share... 
    "Hope is a strange invention—
    A Patent of the Heart—
    In unremitting action
    Yet never wearing out."
    Emily Dickinson 
    On my reading pile...   

    • Shepherds Abiding... A Mitford book by Jan Karon
    • The Mayflower Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

    Favorite blog posts last week...  

    Something fun to share... 

    On the menu for this week...
    • Monday...   Taco Soup
    • Tuesday...   Pizza or leftover soup
    • Wednesday...  Baked Chicken
    • Thursday...   Chicken and Dumplings with mashed potatoes
    • Friday...   Date night I hope

    On my to do list... 
    • Help my girls practice hospitality.
    • Buy some bag balm.
    • Do some things on my bucket list.
    • Radiation
    • Crafty afternoon with friends on Thursday

    In the workbasket...  
    • I'm nearing the end of a little brown hat that I'm knitting.  I love having a knitting project on the needles.
    • I usually keep a dishcloth on my crochet hook. I like knitted cloths, too, but they take much longer to knit. I use dishcloths for small gifts. I don't have one going right now.
    • The little bereavement blanket top is pieced. I need to get some soft flannel for the backing.

    Looking forward to this week...
    •  Monday - Princess movie marathon with Emily and her friends
    • Tuesday - my first radiation treatment. Maybe I'll go knit, too.
    • Wednesday - radiation, and maybe visiting a church in town
    • Thursday - radiation and a crafting day with friends
    • Friday - I hope to have a date night with my husband.
    • Saturday - I'm still thinking about this. I'd like to plan something fun.

    Looking around the house...  I see so much that I want done before radiation, but I'll just have to accept that I haven't regained my strength, stamina, and energy yet. My motto has become, "I can only do what I can do." 

    From the camera... 

    Last spring before I found the lump.

    On my prayer list...
    • Radiation will not harm my heart or lungs, and that I will be brave.
    • Peace of Jerusalem and Israel
    • Wisdom, health, and protection for President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and their families. 
    • Healing for our country so that we may be ONE nation under God.
    • Cancer will die the death in my body. My heart, brain, organs, spleen, and healthy cells will be protected. I will live and not die and declare the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Psalm 118:17

    My prayer for you, my reader...

    Jesus, I thank you that you hear our prayers. Father, I thank you for sending Jesus. Holy Spirit, I thank you for being our comforter and our teacher. Lord God, three in one, I thank you that you personally know each one of my readers. You know each one's needs, fears, hopes, problems, pains, and illnesses. I ask you God to speak directly to each one, to meet each person's needs, and heal each physical problem. Bless each spiritually, physically, socially, and financially. I ask it all by the power of the Blood of Jesus, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Please say hello.
    Trusting in God's timing, provision, and healing power

    Joining with Sandra at Happy Homemaker Monday.